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Calgary’s Hillhurst and West Hillhurst areas, on the north shore of the Bow River directly north of the Downtown, are historic areas usually referred to as Kensington. With an antique charm, direct access to the many amenities of the Kensington business district, a central location and quick entry to the city’s core, these areas are quickly becoming known for their incredible luxury real estate opportunities. These well-established central communities incorporate classic mid-century architecture sprinkled with modern infills catering to the luxury buyer.

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Luxury Hillhurst & West Hillhurst Real Estate

Hillhurst & West Hillhurst Calgary are situated adjacent one another, directly north of the Bow River and provide easy access to Crowchild Trail, Memorial Drive and 14th street NW. They are bordered to the north by Capitol Hill & Hounsfield Heights, to the east by Sunnyside, to the south by the Bow River and Downtown, and to the west by Parkdale. Straddling the trendy Kensington district and only steps away from the downtown core, Hillhurst has a great location for luxury real estate in Calgary.

Hillhurst & West Hillhurst Community Information

At roughly 6300 residents and an area of 2.1km², Hillhurst has a population density of 3.0 persons/m², and with 5800 residents and 2.4km², West Hillhurst is slightly less densely populated at 2.42 person/m². Established in 1914, Hillhurst is one of Calgary's oldest communities. The first homesteads were built here in the 1880’s in Section 21, renamed when established as a city community in 1914. Ezra Riley donated a 20-acre parcel in the area, which the city turned into the area’s signature attraction, Riley Park. West Hillhurst was annexed by Calgary in 1907 but was not developed until 1945, when many of its houses were built as “Victory Homes” for soldiers returning from World War II. The area’s many well-kept houses and tree-lined streets are now the result of decades of dedicated care and hard work.

Living in Hillhurst / West Hillhurst Calgary

Residents of Hillhurst have some of Calgary’s best arts & culture, fine dining, and boutique shopping right on their doorstep. With the Kensington district continuing to grow in size and providing more amenities than ever, the area is ideal for those wanting walking access to their favourite pubs, shops, arts venues, cafes and restaurants. Combined with extremely easy access to the Bow River and its famous river pathways, the unparalleled access to the city’s downtown core the area is particularly attractive for savvy luxury investors. If you are considering a Hillhurst luxury property, contact us today.

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