Should I stage my home?

Posted by Christy Bamber on Thursday, September 1st, 2016 at 7:50pm.

I get asked this question frequently. And here is my answer: When you decide to put your home on the market, you want the property to look its best. For some sellers, achieving this goal means hiring a stager—someone who will decorate your house with everything from knick-knacks to furniture—to maximize its attractiveness and help potential buyers see the place as move-in ready. Staging does require a bit of an investment: depending on how many pieces your home requires, the service can cost between $500 to $10000 for a whole house. This makes many sellers ask the question: is staging worth the cost? And, almost unequivocally, my answer is yes.

Here’s why:

1. Staging makes homes photograph better: Professional stagers know how to place furniture, art and accessories in the perfect locations to make rooms appear bigger, brighter and generally more appealing when photographed. Since the majority of homebuyers pre-shop online, a good set of photos will get people’s feet in your door.

2. Staging can eliminate buyer’s questions: Have a bedroom that seems too small for a bed and desk when empty? Stage the room with those staples so buyers know it’s a useable space. Want to emphasize the eat-in portion of your kitchen? Make sure there’s a decent-sized table and chairs in there to catch people’s attention during walk-throughs.

3. Staged homes sell faster: Homes that have been staged spend 50% less time on the market. And we all know time is money…

4. Staged homes sell for more money: On average, homes that have been staged sell for 6% above asking price!! Once you understand all the beneficial outcomes, it’s pretty clear why staging is worth the at least a minor investment.

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