January 2016

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As Calgary real estate prices have dropped in recent months, many have been tempted to buy investment properties at lower prices in order to flip them for a profit when the market recovers.

There’s nothing wrong with that—in fact, I think that investing in real estate is a great idea, even given the current climate of volatility. The key, however, to successfully investing in real estate is to really know what you’re doing.

On that note: there are a lot of so-called experts out there now, marketing their home flipping courses with promises of huge pay-outs.

I’m a born and raised Calgarian. I’ve been a realtor for 6 years now. I worked for Cardel Homes 2 years before that. I bought my first house in Calgary when I was 22 years old and sold it 4

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I recently came across an article on Business Insider talking about rising home values in the U.S. While many homeowners would see this in a positive way, the article was actually warning US homeowners not to get excited about the current state of the market.

Here’s why: The author’s basic point was that home prices have risen far higher than salaries. Along with crazy increases in home prices- that started almost immediately after the crash- interest rates, are now on the rise. Combine this with less take home pay due to higher taxes and we have a problem.

If you think that’s a problem in the States, consider the situation here in Canada: our year- over-year housing price increase for 2015 was the fourth highest in the world! Home values in

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The real estate market here in Calgary still hasn't seen the big upswing we are all hoping for (particularly not in the luxury sector), but that doesn't mean we should give up hope on making any money from our real estate investments.

I consider myself to be an expert in the rented lifestyle, and I want to help you understand just how lucrative it can be to rent our a home that has depreciated in value beyond the point where you feel comfortable selling at a loss.

Here's the part you surely know already: a rental property will give a nice little boost to your monthly cash flow. You may not, however, realize just how big a boost this kind of property really delivers. Let's take a closer look.

First, there's the net profit you receive after you

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Good news and bad news for those of you who own million-dollar homes in Calgary. 

We’ll start with the bad news, because I always like to be up front with clients: on average, luxury properties in Calgary decreased in value by about 1% during 2015 (unlike more modest single-family homes, whose prices actually stabilized last year.)

While that information may be troubling for those of you looking to sell your homes immediately, there are two pieces of good news we can glean from those figures: First, at least a part of the Calgary market is back on the up swing—a great development for everyone, even those who haven’t yet experienced the recovery on a personal level. Second, people who can afford to hold on to their properties for a while—either as a

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