September 2015

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When times are tough, luxury real estate buyers seem to have the control—with a decrease in demand and an increase in the available supply, sellers become more eager to offload their property, and prices become very negotiable.

In an explosive market, however, sellers can pretty much name their price on any kind of property and expect to find at least one or two interested parties. Want proof?

 It’s no secret that San Francisco real estate has gone nuts—while many younger or lower income residents are protesting the rising cost of living in the city, luxury home owners have rejoiced as their property values literally skyrocketed.

And now, for the first time in 19 years, the Flintstone house, located in the Bay-area suburb of Hillsborough, has gone

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You may not know this about me, but in addition to specializing as a real estate agent in the Calgary luxury market, I am also an expert in all things rented (see my website,, for more on that).

In that capacity, I have become an expert advisor on renting vs. buying dilemmas. And at this point, leasing a luxury condo in Calgary just makes more sense.

Here’s why: Buying costs more than you think! The old adage that renting is just throwing away money simply doesn’t hold up anymore. Let’s look at downtown Calgary. Say you buy a two-bedroom condo for $1 million, putting down 20%. You’re left with a monthly mortgage payment of about $4000/month; by comparison, renting a luxury two-bedroom condo in the heart of downtown will set you

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