August 2015

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I love my job as a realtor-scouring available listings for my clients is like my own personal HGTV special, 24/7 (No, I don’t get a lot of sleep.) Every-so-often, I come across a property that is just so jaw-dropping, I simply have to share the details with someone. This week was one of those occasions. 

Just outside Toronto, in Mississauga, there’s a home on the market that you have to see to believe. Known as Mi Sueno (My Dream), the 10,000 square-foot structure took over four years to build, and was constructed without the use of a single wood beam or rectangular shape (the home owner believed that “Rectangular is the easy way to build.”) Check out the link below for the pictures of this masterpiece.

Want to sleep under the stars? One of the

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Around the globe, more luxury properties are being sold—and they’re going for higher prices, too! Despite this good news, a traditional listing may not be the best option when trying to sell an anything-but-average luxury property. 

For this reason, many owners are turning to auctions when it’s time to sell their luxury properties. Where once real estate auctions were considered a last resort as foreclosure set in, now it’s become a unique way to tap into an elite clientele. 

Think about it this way—if a Monet became available for purchase, would it be listed on Craigslist or would you expect to see it sold at a private auction? Well, the same principle can be applied to selling luxury properties!

A few things to know before you consider selling via

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