May 2015

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Over the past few years, Canadian home owners and real estate investors have enjoyed a steady rise in housing prices that is far greater than the slow comeback the American market is currently experiencing. In fact, according to The Economist, of 26 different countries, Canada now has the #1 most expensive housing market based on rental rates and the #3 most expensive when average income is considered. 

While the meteoric rise in prices has left some investors speculating that the market is in a bubble, other, reliable, sources iterate that Canadian home prices are growing at a sustainable rate. Only time will tell the true story. 

Of course, for existing homeowners, or those of you who already have a strong investment portfolio, higher sales prices

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Do any of you out there, reading this post, have dreams of selling your property without a listing agent? Or finding the home of your dreams, all on your own? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did—many Canadians think that bypassing the help of a licensed real estate agent will allow them to avoid paying extra fees, translate to a lower purchase price for buyers or more money in the pockets of sellers once the transaction is done. 

In theory, this notion may seem logical, but before you start scouring real estate sites or listing your property for sale by owner, you need to know about a recent ruling instituted by Canada’s Competition Tribunal. The board upheld current restrictions which strictly limit the amount of information that low-or-no fee realtors

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