March 2013

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A frequently asked question from people listing a luxury property is: How much will I have to pay in commissions? I thought it would be interesting to answer this question using Calgary's largest home sale in history; examining it in terms of a marketing budget.

44 Aspen Ridge Heights SW was sold on February 27, 2013 for $10,350,000.  The property was on the market for 222 days, or just over 7 months.

This is how real estate commission works for most properties, but please note that while I charge these standard commission rates, many luxury realtors charge a premium, so these numbers may be different than what was actually agreed on:

Both the listing and buyer’s realtor each get 3.5% on the first $100,000, which is $3,500.  Then on the remaining

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Congratulations Calgary, we have already set an impressive record for luxury home sales this year.

In 2007, 69 homes over $1 Million were sold in January and February. In 2009, a mere 20 homes sold in the opening couple months of the year. Last year, 59 homes sold over the same period. Now for 2013, 98 homes over $1 Million have been sold, including one of our biggest ever home sales in Calgary – 44 Aspen Ridge Heights SW, which sold for a whopping $10,350,000. 

The big question is, what is driving this healthy luxury home market?

The best way to predict housing sales and price gains is to track population and job growth numbers.  As predictions continue to be high for both Calgary and Edmonton's real estate markets through 2016, our luxury real

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