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Christy Bamber - Calgary Realtor


Christy Bamber- REALTOR ®


One meeting with Christy Bamber and it’s obvious she was destined to be a REALTOR ® in Calgary. As a born and raised Calgarian, Christy uses her sharp eye for fine homes, solid listening and communication skills, and fiery attitude to give her clients the best real estate services possible. After earning a U of C Commerce and Marketing degree and a diploma in Broadcasting, Christy worked for several years in media and marketing, including television production, brand management and public relations. The communication skills and media savvy she polished throughout those years have made her an expert marketer and negotiator in today’s fiercely competitive real estate scene.

A Fresh Perspective For Luxury Properties and REALTOR ® in Calgary

While her unique business expertise is impressive, Christy's personality and dynamic life experiences explain why she’s quickly becoming one of the best known Calgary real estate agents, and why you will want her working on your side. On her many travels around the world, Christy has had the privilege of visiting and even living in many rare and exquisite homes. Her sophisticated taste for luxury properties is complimented by a very strong work ethic and a grounded demeanor. As Christy puts it, "I tell it like it is because I have to sleep at night." And, she keeps this perspective balanced with a passion for helping her many clients. "There is nothing better than handing over a set of keys and seeing the excitement in my clients’ eyes. This is the reward for me – seeing the happiness that comes over people I've assisted.” Contact Christy today to sit down with her and discuss how she can help you.